Artwork: Fall, The
Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
Notes: Artist's comment: "I put footprints at the bottom of the painting signifying Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden. A strong angel (a cherubim) is blocking the entrance back to the garden with a flaming sword. Flashing back and forth, the sword is independent of the angel providing a double line of defense to insure that they will not be able to turn back. In making the background look like the paradise it was, I put foliage, birds and flowers to show the beauty it must have been. I began to put waterfalls in the background, which I felt inspired to come from the eyes of God to make the more poignant statement of the piece that every time we choose to sin there are two who get hurt - the heart of God and us. If you take another look at the sword, you will see it is in the shape of a cross. After all, Jesus paved a way back in to the garden!"
Subject: The Expulsion from Eden

Hosts: Tapestry Productions [IMAGE]