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  Artwork: Chisel, The
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Connected to 1 Peter 1:7. Artist's comment: "Growth. You can feel the pain in that word right off the bat. How many times have our children complained of “growing pains?” Well, spiritually the same thing happens. Growth comes mostly through pain. We often give our children the impression that difficulties are to be avoided at all costs and that hard circumstances reflect the absence of God in our lives. But just as a sculptor uses a chisel to chip away the edges to create the beautiful form underneath, God often uses the same process. It has been said that when Michelangelo was about to begin sculpting his masterpiece he said, looking at the great block of marble, “David is in there. I must get him out.” It is the same with us. Somebody terrific is in each of us and only the Master Sculptor, can bring him to life…our job is to cooperate with the process. God has called us to be works of art in the shape of Christ and every challenge, every valley, and every moment of pain is the vehicle to get us there."
  Subject: A Living Hope

  Hosts: Tapestry Productions  [IMAGE]