Artwork: Peace
Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
Notes: Connected to Philippians 4:7 and Isaiah 26:3. Artist's commen: "I pictured a young man in prison for this work. I originally wanted to put chains on him but was convinced not to. I symbolized prison by the shadow of the bars falling on the wall around him. One section of the bars falls across his chest forming a cross the hope that never fails. Around his head, the bars of iron begin to disappear signifying the freedom that no one can take away. I once heard the true story of a concentration camp survivor who told of standing before his accusers who had stripped him of all his worldly possessions, including the lives of his family members. As they were taunting him, he came to the realization that they could take everything from him except the choice to be happy. Profound."
Subject: Praise to the Lord
Joy, Prayer, and Peace

Hosts: Tapestry Productions [IMAGE]