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  Artwork: Joy in Heaven
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Artist's comment: ""Joy in Heaven" came from an example about how those who claim the name of Christ can, through His power, turn adversity into triumph. In late 1999, a little four year old girl named Joy, the daughter of a friend and business associate of artist Ron DiCianni, was playing in front of her house when she was tragically hit and killed by a truck. As to be expected, the driver of the truck was devastated. He was an older gentleman who had been driving an old truck and was unable to stop it in time to avoid the little girl. Rather than seek vengeance, Joy’s father consoled this man who had killed his daughter, bought him a new truck and spoke the message of Christ’s love into his life. When Joy was buried, the front row of mourners held her parents and directly next to her father, the elderly driver who had taken her life."
  Subject: Rejoicing the Repentant Sinner

  Hosts: Tapestry Productions  [IMAGE]