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  Artwork: Raising of Lazarus
  Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
  Technique: Painting
  Location: Chartres, Richard John Carew (Anglican Bishop of London)
  Notes: Images on Christ Project. John 11:38-43. Artist's comment: "Yes, it was necessary for this common sort, since they required signs, signs that screamed. Yet he dreamt how for Martha and Mary it would be enough simply to see that he could. But none of them believed, they all said to him: Lord, why come now? And so he went, to do the unallowed to peaceful Nature. In anger. His eyes almost shut, he asked where the grave was. Tormentedly. It seemed to them that his tears streamed, and they thronged behind him, full of curiosity. Even on the way he thought it monstrous, an appalling, frivolous experiment, but suddenly a great fire broke out in him, such an argument against their prized distinctions, their death and life, their here and there, that he was enmity in every limb when he instructed hoarsely: Lift the stone!"
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  Subject: The Raising of Lazarus

  Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter  [IMAGE]