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  Artwork: Prodigal son and father
  Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Images on Christ Project. Luke 15:11-31. Artist's comment: "Here is a another classic symbolistic painting reflecting the attitude of Picasso's blue and rose periods. However in Picasso's rose period his work reflected joy while his blue period reflected depression. We have a combination of both in this painting. The son in this painting is completely nude, not in actuality but symbolically. It represents his feelings of shame, humiliation and exposure in front of his Father. The father compassionately covers his nakedness with his cloak. The colors of compassion, blue and rose, are evident against the rotted brown color symbolizing death. The sun here symbolizes God the Father, the son's Father as Christ and you or I as the lost son. The Navist Group, headed up by Paul Gaugin, also painted in this genre around the turn of the century."
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  Subject: Returning Home

  Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter  [IMAGE]