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† Artwork: Moon and the good Samaritan
† Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
† Date:
† Technique: Painting
† Location:
† Notes: Images on Christ Project. Luke 10:30-34. Artist's comment: "Here we have another interpretation of the Good Samaritan. The symbolism is different here. In the other painting called The Good Samaritan at the Door of the Inn, we see the symbolism of Christ as the Good Samaritan. Here the roles are reversed. Christ is coming off the cross. The obvious arm outstretched with rigidity from hanging. The scene is not unlike Rembrandt's series on the descent from the cross. The moon supplies the light, symbolizing God's sovereignty. There is peace and control inspite of pain and sufferingóthe paradox of the Christian life. One needs to see a message here. It is not that Christ will take away your pain. Rather, it is that he became our pain, and he is with us in the pain. He exists not to take us out of it, but to go through it with us. Therefore we see the symbolic theme as in most of the exhibition. The moon symbolizing God the Fatheróthe light through the Son, in this case the beaten JewóChrist on the cross, to the Good Samaritanówhich represents humanity. The whole meaning of the painting therefore is single mindedóChrist is with us in the suffering."
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† Subject: The Inn

† Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter †[IMAGE]