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  Artwork: Jesus calms the storm
  Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
  Technique: Painting
  Location: Private Collection
  Notes: Images on Christ Project. Luke 8:22-25. Artist's comment: "At first glance this painting appears to be an abstract expressionist version of a bird in flight or a spirit. Yet upon closer examination the white ball in the sky becomes the moon, the ship and mast become visible and the small image of a man on the front of the boat becomes evident. The overwhelming storm is surely going to take the vessel down in seconds. The severity of the threatening storm is felt as the viewer is drowning in the waves. The symbolism here is that life is an over-whelming storm. Yet the cross, though it appears far off, even insignificantly small, brings a great calm, just as Jesus did for the disciples. If God is in our boat (life), we have nothing to fear. If the viewer fails to see themselves about to be overcome by the vast storm then the painting fails them."
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  Subject: Calming the Storm

  Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter  [IMAGE]