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  Artwork: Jairus's daughter
  Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Images on Christ Project. Luke 8:51-55. Artist's comment: "There are many divine moments in scripture that we miss. Moments that we can only read about often fail to fairly represent the reality of the situation. The painting Jairus’ Daughter, is just one of those moments that we perhaps have missed. Jesus hesitates in this painting. The girl is not yet raised. Jesus is not just the healer here, he is much more. He is not joyful, he is upset. Death has stolen, even ruined His creation, especially this little girl. We see that there is a single light source which represents God the Father, it travels through His Son Jesus to man. It is most obvious in this particular painting. The viewer is to go beyond the grief of the moment—to challenge our concept of who Jesus is; not just a great teacher, prophet or man, but Christ, the very creator and artist of all that is, especially of this, his daughter."
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  Subject: At the House of Jairus

  Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter  [IMAGE]