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† Artwork: Holy Family
† Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
† Date:
† Technique: Painting
† Location: St. Lukeís Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
† Notes: Images on Christ Project. Artist's comment: "Here is a family portrait of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It is a portrait in humility. Mary is pregnant with James and is very uncomfortable. Joseph is looking down at his son trying to comfort him while Jesus is being overprotective of his parents from the stranger viewing them all, that is you the viewer. In protecting his parents he forms the sign of the cross. The symbol of his fate is carried through in his shadow as well as his rope belt. The humble house behind them has no door. It symbolizes the empty resurrected tomb. Within the door way is a figure of darkness, the devil. He also takes on the form of a snake on the ground. The devil waits for his moment in time with his plan to kill the Christ. However the window behind him sheds light on the evil one, which means that God is very much in control. The window that the devil faces is dark and becomes the right eye socket of a skull. The skull is a half skull with teeth that meet the round. This symbol represents the dark side of life apart from knowing Christ who is the true sourse of light. The chicken is a symbol of humility in paintings during the 1500ís. The sun is the Father who is in perfect control. The Holy Spirit is the dove seen in the far distance. The Holy Family is simply a portait about humility, something we can never have enough of this side of Heaven."
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† Hosts: Daniel Bonnell, American painter †[IMAGE]