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  Artwork: Good Samaritan at the door of the inn
  Artist: BONNELL, Daniel
  Technique: Painting
  Location: Grace Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  Notes: Images on Christ Project. Luke 10:30-34. Artist's comment: "This story is usually read with the purpose to teach that we are all to be like the Good Samaritan. However in this painting we are given a different bent on the heart of the issue. The Good Samaritan appears to be not you or I but that of Christ (Notice the aura around his head). Also the symbol of the cross is dominant, of which the formation is observed by holding a human body in this position. The viewer is also positioned as the inn keeper in this painting, however perhaps we are also to view ourselves as the one being held, (an iscariotic statement about giving grace because it is given to us as well). Two doors are opened to view the inquirer. You the viewer are now to make a decision as to whether or not to extend charity to those standing in front of you. Will you too be like the Priest and the Levite? The French painter Daumier produced three paintings on a theme called The Washer Woman in the late 1800ís. The influence of that series is evident here in its similar composition of form and light and quiet visual poetry."
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  Subject: The Inn

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Daniel Bonnell, American painter  [IMAGE]