Artwork: Sinner, The
Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
Notes: Host's comment: "It is often easy to judge those around us. While we may consider them liars, cheats, thieves, beggars, or adulterers, it is easy to forget that we are all sinners. The Sinner tells the story from Luke 7:36-50 where a woman entered the house of a Pharisee where Jesus was having dinner. Immediately she began to weep and wash His feet with perfume as well as her tears and her hair. As expected, the Pharisee promptly labeled her as the sinner that she was but Jesus, instead of passing judgment, offered her forgiveness. You see, while man only saw her sin, Jesus saw her heart. In The Sinner, DiCianni beautifully modernizes this story by showing the woman as the sinner that she was but ghosted in the background as the saint she desperately wanted to be. There is no difference between that woman two millennia ago and us today. Just as Christ came and died for the sins of this woman, He died for each one of us as well." Artist's note: "This painting is my attempt to illustrate what Jesus saw in that woman (She is dressed in a combination of modern and ancient clothing so that the metaphor of the dateless symbolism of this act will not get lost on us). Her scarlet wrap identifies her as the sinful woman she was known to be. Her tears, hair and perfume are her only offerings. To everyone there, she was dressed appropriately. Jesus saw, instead, a pure, clean and white-robed lady who honored Him at great risk. I focused the light as though it were only on her the rest of the room fading away. I believe that at that moment of her eyes meeting His, there was no one else there as far as she was concerned. Come to think of it, when we come to Christ, we get His undivided attention and approval. No matter what anyone else thinks."
Subject: The Sinful Woman

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