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† Artwork: Clay, The
† Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
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† Notes: Isaiah 64:8. Artist's comment: "Perhaps you are in the middle of the sculpting process and can relate to the scene Iíve painted. If so, allow me to share a personal observation that might encourage you today. While sometimes the process of sculpting leaves us feeling unfinished, I would wish the final results of it on everyone! You see, it is the outcome that matters. You are a masterpiece in the making and are worth too much to God for Him to not finish the job He has started. What you can do is bend to the Masterís hand even when youíre not sure of the end direction. Each time an artist, sculptor or other creative person begins a project, it all starts with the end result being envisioned before a brush stroke or drop of clay is experienced. The Master knows what we are supposed to look like even if we are satisfied to remain just how we are."
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† Subject: Repentance and Prayer for Salvation

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