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  Artwork: Spiritual warfare
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Ephesians 6:12. Artist's comment: "Most people think that the centerpiece of the painting is the angels fighting in the window. It’s not. The focus of the painting is the shadow of the cross that’s falling on the father and son. Without that, as the assurance of our protection, I would be too afraid to approach the subject! I used some symbolism in parts of the painting that sometimes get overlooked at first glance. Look at the fathers watch – it is almost striking midnight. It was my way of saying that the “hour” (of time) is late, but also that if a dad is still up at that time praying for his child after a long day of work, I believe that God will honor that perseverance. Look also at the drapes blowing gently from open windows. I wanted to make the point that mere glass or wood could not prevent evil forces from getting to us but that prayer will! Another point of false hope is the wallpaper border of “Noah’s Ark” that adorns the room. Certainly I am in favor of wall hangings and positive messages, but not as an end in themselves. Accessorizing our rooms will do very little if we don’t pray. Our enemy knows that and would be content with all the “stuff” in the world hanging there. What Satan doesn’t want is the prayer of a righteous man over his family."
  Subject: The Full Armour of God

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