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† Artwork: Heaven's door
† Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
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† Notes: Host's comment: "With the death of a loved one, we feel the pain and loss here on earth but we have peace that we will see them again in Heaven. Heavenís Door reminds us that something better awaits us and that those who have gone before us are already enjoying a better place with no sickness, disappointment, or pain. Notice that the artist shows the door of Heaven only slightly ajar demonstrating that our knowledge of the eternal is but a sliver of the wonder that awaits us." Artist's note: "On October 1, 1971, I came home from the American Academy of Art and found the house empty. That was unusual, but I figured that my mom had gone shopping. I had a poster that I was working on for my church youth group and proceeded to go to my work table in the basement. After awhile, I needed to go get something from the kitchen. Thatís when I saw the note. My mom had gone to the hospital to be with my dad who had a heart attack at work. He died before she got there." The assurance I have from Godís own Word is that we will be reunited someday (John 14:2). I know that I have to make a passage through a doorway for that to happen. Iím ready for that doorway because like my dad, I accepted Christ as my Savior too. When I push back that door, I will be looking for Christ first then I want to see my dad.
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† Subject: Paradise

† Hosts: Lord's Art (Christian Framed Art Prints for Sale) †[IMAGE]
Tapestry Productions †[IMAGE]