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  Artwork: Finishing strong
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "Starting the race is easy. It’s finishing the race that is difficult! In Finishing Strong, Ron DiCianni shows the beginning and end of a life of service to Christ. While on the starting block, the runner does not know what hurdle may be around the next bend but he is confident that his “coach” will help him through. At the top of the painting we see that the runner has finished well and is welcomed into his Savior’s arms. Finishing Strong is a call to Christians to run the race here on earth honoring Christ and to finish the race as strong as we started it." Artist's note: "The Christian life is more of a marathon than a sprint. Consistency in your spiritual disciplines is lifelong. A furious attempt to cram in the things of God will result in a quick fizzle if they are not a lifestyle that will keep the fuel burning. You cannot eat one huge meal that will last a year or drink a barrel of liquid to sustain you a month. Neither can you pray for a day and have it last forever. Daily we have to come back to the table and get nourished. I know it doesn’t sound as exciting as one giant experience, but it is more lasting and that’s the point."
  Subject: Paradise
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