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  Artwork: Mother's love, A
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "What a beautiful expression of love for her children – a mother who prays for them. Here in A Mother’s Love, we catch a mother praying at an unscheduled moment. Perhaps as she is going about picking up toys or cleaning, something reminds her of a need to pray - a moment of communion with her Heavenly Father that somehow puts the rest of life in focus for a moment. Isaiah 49:15-16." Artist's note: "Here is a painting born out of my own personal experience. I can remember as a young man walking past my parents' room and hearing my mom pray for me. The door would be only slightly open – enough for me to hear my name being mentioned to the ear of God. At the time, I’m not sure how much it impacted me. I probably thought it was okay, but I have come to realize it was in fact pivotal. The fact that my mom cared enough to clothe me with prayer and give God the right to do whatever it took to keep me reserved for Him is a pattern for me as a dad. I watch it recurring with my wife for our children. I’m convinced that those moments of prayer are not simply something additional we do for our children… everything else we do for them is in addition to our prayers!"
  Subject: The Lord Does Not Forget Zion

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