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† Artwork: He holds the keys
† Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
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† Notes: Host's comment: ""Donít fear: I am the First, I am the Last, Iím Alive. I died, but I came to life, and my life is now forever. See these keys in my hand? They open and lock Deathís doors, they open and lock Hellís gates." Rev. 1:18 (The Message). In He Holds the Keys, DiCianni vividly illustrates Christ victorious over death, the grave and Satan. He reminds us that Jesus died on the cross and conquered death that we might have eternal life. Death no longer has any dominion but instead, Christ holds the keys. In He Holds the Keys, notice the beam of light coming from the top of the stairway representing the fact that Jesus descended from Heaven in order to defeat Satan. Satan no longer holds any power, but through Jesusí death, blood and resurrection, Christ has conquered all." Artist's note: "There have been times in my life when I have caved in to the pressures that swirled around me leading me to wonder just how powerful God really is. Many times out of immaturity or perhaps hoping to say something to intimidate God, I felt He might not be as Omnipotent as I previously thought. Ashamedly, I confess how wrong I am at those times. After all, He triumphed over death!"
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† Subject: One Like a Son of Man

† Hosts: Lord's Art (Christian Framed Art Prints for Sale) †[IMAGE]
Lord's Art (Christian Framed Art Prints for Sale) †[IMAGE]
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