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  Artwork: Jug not that ye be not jugged
  Artist: BRADDOCK, Graham
  Notes: Artist's comment: "I firmly believe that common objects can be used to tell stories…In my home there are several old milk jugs. One night I began arranging them on the dining room table, enjoying their varied shapes and sizes. The more I looked at them the more personality each one assumed. Finally, I decided one had suffered a major upset. And the others? They hated being associated with a spiller. They stuck their spouts in the air and moved on. Later they were persuaded to re-pose in my studio. Still lifes can be boring – but only for the sitters. The quotation from the Sermon on the Mount is a misquote. Find what Christ was really saying in Matthew ch 7."
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  Subject: The Measure You Use, the Measure You Get

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