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  Artwork: Truth, The
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "A banner hangs in Castle Hemingham in England that reads, “Nothing is truer than truth.” No matter what your status, upbringing, or influence, you can’t create Truth. God gave His Truth to Moses…written in stone. His Truth is not relative to any factors in life; it is simply Truth, as powerful today as it was when those two tablets were freshly carved by the finger of God all those centuries ago." Artist's note: "Who decides what Truth is? Isn’t it all relative to your situation? Many have asked that old smokescreen question. In the Bible, God wrote His own words so that there would be no mistake. Jesus recognized God’s words as Truth. He said so in John 17:17. While it may seem to our present world that it is possible to create Truth if you can work up enough people to sympathize with your cause, there is coming a day when there will be a final accounting of what was true and false. There won’t be lawyers arguing their cases. There won’t be picket lines contesting the rulings. There will only be two kinds of spectators – those who chose to believe and live by God’s Word and those who hated it. Consequences will be handed out without plea bargains. Pure and simple, Truth is God’s Word."
  Subject: The Giving of the Law
With the Tables of the Law
The Finger of God Writing

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