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† Artwork: Storm, The
† Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
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† Notes: Host's comment: "Even for a miracle, this one was a blockbuster. Man stepping out in defiance of the strongest of elements to walk through the most violent of storms. This truly awesome display of Christís power as told in Mark 6:45-51 shows that though the tempest may rage on earth, all of nature is subject to the will of God. The Storm serves as encouragement to those weathering the storms of life. It is a simple reminder that God is in control. Just as walking on water seemed impossible to Peter, by keeping our eyes on Jesus, we too can do the impossible." Artist's note: "This painting is a very literal interpretation of what that day in Jesusí life could have looked like. I tried to show the garments of Christ effected by the wind, but that Jesus was certainly in total control of walking right through it. Waves mounting, lightning flashing, and somewhere, out of view, terrified disciples believing they were seeing a ghost! It was nothing short of spectacular, and just as Jesus proved His mastery over natureís literal storms, He has the power over lifeís figurative storms as well."
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† Subject: Walking on the Sea

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