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  Artwork: Good Samaritan, The
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "The Good Samaritan is a spectacular tribute to the paramedics and EMTs that daily risk their lives to help those in need. The Bible is clear, whether people are conscious of it or not, that we reflect the image of God. That’s what gives us the ability to love, feel and have compassion for others. So much compassion, in fact, that many give their lives to save people they don’t even know. What our men and women do every day on our ambulances is the modern day equivalent of the story Jesus told of the Good Samaritan. Luke 10:25-37." Artist's note: "One of the most well known of Jesus’ stories is called “The Good Samaritan.” Whether a Christian or not, most know what it means to be a “Good Samaritan.” Probably, the ones who most closely resemble the people in the actual story Jesus told are the unsung Paramedics and EMTs that have devoted their lives to rescuing those in distress. Upon questioning their motives, some might argue that it’s their job. It’s what they get paid to do. As the father of a paramedic, let me assure you…they don’t get paid much. Many of us don’t give these servants another thought until we need their services. Some of us don’t get even out of the way of an ambulance when they are transporting a patient to the hospital. Recently, the “stock” of these brave people rose when terrorists attacked the United States. The truth is that since the 1970’s, paramedics have been treating people on a daily basis. Many of their patients are people that most of us would cross the street to avoid, yet out of selfless love they devote their lives to helping the injured, sick, and dying."
  Subject: Assault and First Aid

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