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  Artwork: Resurrection morning
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "There was a moment that changed the future of mankind forever…however the people closest to the action were asleep. As the Son of God rose from the dead, the guards which stood watch over Jesus’ tomb slept! Beyond its application to the story of Easter…how many times have we seen God try to reach into a life only to find someone asleep and unresponsive? Resurrection Morning is a timeless work of art that tells the story of Christ’s resurrection and reminds us that the power of the cross is truly found in Jesus’ victory over the tomb." Artist's note: "It’s always been interesting to wonder what were the thoughts of those who guarded Jesus' tomb. Did they know when they went on duty that it would be a night like no other? They slept while all of Heaven watched as the Holy Spirit gently nudged Christ’s shoulder. I can see Heaven’s entire balcony, filled and at attention, about to observe the unfolding of a plan that had been formed before time began. What a sense of expectation there must have been. Were there any sleeping angels? Not likely! It was time for history to record the most pivotal act in the saga of mankind and the very reason our Savior was born."
  Subject: Earthquake and Resurrection
The Holy Spirit in Various Compositions

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