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  Artwork: Heaven's loss
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "Luke 2:4-20. The first Christmas was a blessing and a time of rejoicing for mankind. The Savior was born! However, in Heaven a different story was unfolding. The first Christmas represents a loss for Heaven as one of the Godhead came to Earth. Heaven’s Loss dramatically depicts that while mankind was celebrating the birth of a King, the angels were weeping for they knew what man did not. They knew Jesus was not born for Christmas – He was born for Easter. Heaven’s Loss stands as the perfect contrast to the bacchanalia that is the modern day Christmas celebration and is one of Ron DiCianni’s most impactful pieces." Artist's note: "The nativity has been painted by countless artists throughout the ages. Mostly, I would guess they portrayed a “romantic” version that is closer to what we want to believe than what might have actually occurred. But no matter what the outward circumstances were, no one who was there could have been aware of the profound meaning of that night or of that Baby – nobody except perhaps the unseen visitors who stood in awesome vigil for the Baby they already had known for centuries as the “King Of Kings and Lord of Lords.”"
  Subject: Nativity

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