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  Artwork: Heaven's balcony
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "uke 15:10 “In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.” Many of us see Heaven as a drab place filled with white robes and hymns. Yet Luke makes it very clear that there is a party every time a sinner comes to Christ. You can almost imagine the angels leaning over the balcony of Heaven watching in anticipation as our lives unfold. At each miraculous work of God in our lives, at each moment of our obedience to Him, at the point when every sinner falls to their knees, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a round of high-fives pass through the throng of angels peering down at Earth. Why not keep Heaven’s Balcony as a visible reminder that hosts of Heaven rejoice with us in triumph!" Artist's note: "When I came to my senses and realized I owed God an apology for my sin, confessed it, and repented, a host of angels leaned over their balcony of Heaven, rejoiced and had a party. It takes my breath away just to think about it. No kidding. The very thought that I became the “birthday boy” for the party is beyond my ability to comprehend. Especially since most of the time I wondered if God really cared for me. I have since learned He really does!"
  Subject: Angels
Rejoicing the Repentant Sinner

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