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  Artwork: Angels unseen
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Host's comment: "Every Sunday churches around America reinforce that prayer is a needed part of our daily lives. Yet how many of us take the time out of a busy day to sit next to our children and put that ever important lesson into practice? Angels Unseen reminds us that an inescapable part of every family’s day should be when they pray together. The angels in Angels Unseen, though invisible to the mother and daughter shown in prayer, are promised by Scripture (Psalm 34:7) to carry their prayers to the very throne room of Heaven. What moment of the day is more important than when a parent and child approach Almighty God? Angels Unseen provides the perfect reminder to make that moment of prayer a constant in every day’s routine. Psalm 91:11." Artist's note: "I think it's important to begin to pray with our children as a “team.” We are fond of “agreeing together” for answers to prayer. We are also fond of seeing the answers come. We, as a family, have documented more miracles than I could have ever imagined. I know the day is coming though, when Pat and I will be praying alone for them. As they get ready to go off to college or prepare for marriage, I will not be able to physically maintain our regimen, but one thing they can be sure of - I will be praying for them. I promise. It’s our covenant and they can be secure in knowing, God answers a parent’s prayer."
  Subject: Angels
34: Taste and See that the Lord Is Good
91: Under God's Protection

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