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  Artwork: New Jerusalem, The
  Artist: SLAVUJAC, Darlene
  Date: 1993
  Technique: Oil and gold leaf on canvas
  Notes: Host's comment: "The banquet of the Lamb and His bride (the church) awaits the conclusion of these times following the millenial reign of Jesus Christ. Revelation 21-22 describes the new heaven and earth and the Holy City in extraordinarily brilliant and beautiful images, illumination solely from the Glory of God and the Lamb, twelve foundation stones (named after the Twelve Disciples) of inlaid gems.. twelve gates (named after the Twelve Tribes of Israel) that never close - each made from a single pearl (partially shown in the left foreground), twelve fruit-bearing trees of life...crystal clear water of life coursing down the center of the main street of evil, immoral or dishonest persons permitted in the Eternal City"
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  Subject: The New Jerusalem
The River of Life and the Tree of Life

  Hosts: Original Oil Paintings and Prints of Slavujac, Biblical Artist  [IMAGE]