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  Artwork: Ezekiel's vision - and then they shall know that I am the Lord
  Artist: SLAVUJAC, Darlene
  Date: 1996
  Technique: Oil, gold leaf, and acrylic on canvas
  Notes: Host's comment: "During the days of Israel's captivity in Babylon, the young priest Ezekiel sees a spectacular vision of the Glory of the Lord on a sapphire throne through a crystal sky surrounded by 4 four-headed (man, eagle, lion & ox), multi-winged creatures. Moving under the creatures were awesome wheels within wheels with eyes in their rims. The Lord thrusts a scroll into Ezekiel's hand. The scroll is so laden with warnings and sorrows there is writing on both sides. Ezekiel is commanded to eat the scroll and go and speak to the exiled Israelites of their offenses against God and their failure to heed His commands. When he put the scroll in his mouth, it tasted as sweet as honey. Ezekiel also prophesied of God's promise of restoration and protection of His Chosen People, "and then they shall know I am the Lord!" Read the dynamic Book of Ezekiel of fulfilled prophecies and prophecies concerning future times. (Ezekiel 1 & 36:22-38)"
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  Subject: The First Vision
The Call of Ezekiel

  Hosts: Original Oil Paintings and Prints of Slavujac, Biblical Artist  [IMAGE]