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  Artwork: Punishment in the temple - King Uzziah becomes a leper
  Artist: SLAVUJAC, Darlene
  Date: 1992
  Technique: Oil on panel
  Notes: Host's comment: "King Uzziah, proud and corrupt ruler of Judah, enters the forbidden sanctuary of the Temple and defies the Lord by personally burning incense upon the altar. He is trespassing, performing work only the sons of Aaron are consecrated to do, and stubbornly refusinig to put down the incense burner. He is swiftly punished by God as he is struck by leprosy on his forehead. The priests anxiously rush him out of the Temple as the High Priest watches woefully. Uzziah remained a leper until his death. (Read 2 Chronicles 26:16-21)"
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  Subject: King Azariah (Uzziah)

  Hosts: Original Oil Paintings and Prints of Slavujac, Biblical Artist  [IMAGE]