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  Artwork: Jesus Christ
  Artist: SCHEITS, Matthias
  Date: Published 1672
  Technique: Woodcut
  Notes: From "Biblia, das ist Die gantze H. Schrifft Alten und Newen Testaments, Deutsch ", Martin Luther (author). Call Number at Pitts Theology Library: 1672Bibl. Jesus Christ with a banner, atop an orb depictiing the second coming, surrounded by putti; at the bottom are depictions of the crucifixion, Paul with sword, Peter with keys and book, the Ten Commandments, and Ark of the Covenant. (Information of content according to host. The crucified Christ is probably cut from the left side of the picture, being pointed at by Paul as the counterpart of the Law.)
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  Subject: Other Portraits of Christ
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Christ in Glory
The Return and the Judgment
Peter as a Writer and Correspondent
The Crucified Christ in Various Compositions
Paul in Various Compositions
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