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  Artwork: Last judgment, The
  Artist: UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Holkham Bible Picture Book', England, c. 1320-30
  Date: C. 1320-30
  Technique: Miniature
  Location: British Library, London
  Notes: From "Holkham Bible Picture Book", England, c. 1320-30, shelfmark: Add. 47682. British Library website comment: "Above, the wounded Christ sits under a trefoil arch, flanked by two angels with the instruments of the Passion.The blessed on his right are welcomed; the dammed on his left are spurned and led away by a devil. Below, an angel welcomes three nude souls to Heaven, while other angels play musical instruments. In the flames of Hell's mouth, two steamimg cauldrons contain souls. A baker and an alewife ride to Hell on the shoulders of two demons. A tonsured man is carried by a third demon, who is wheeling a barrow full of damned souls."
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  Subject: The Return and the Judgment

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