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  Artwork: Sacrifices of Cain and Abel, The
  Artist: UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Holkham Bible Picture Book', England, c. 1320-30
  Date: C. 1320-30
  Technique: Miniature
  Location: British Library, London
  Notes: From "Holkham Bible Picture Book", England, c. 1320-30, shelfmark: Add. 47682. British Library website comment: "Upper part of drawing: Adam in centre. Abel sacrifices a ram, with smoke ascending like incense; contrasting with Cain, who sacrifices sheaves of wheat which includes tares; the smoke descending to Hell's mouth. Below, Adam admonishes them to offer tithes and first fruits. Adam holds a pastoral staff, and Cain, with a pitchfork, looks round truculently."
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  Subject: Cain and Abel

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