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  Artwork: Exodus, The
  Artist: CHAGALL, Marc
  Date: 1965-68
  Technique: Tapestry
  Location: Parliament, Jerusalem
  Notes: Website comment (Jewish Virtual Library): "The central tapestry expresses the connection between the people of Israel and its God with Eretz Yisrael, and the attachment of the people of Israel to the idea of the ingathering of the exiles. The central figure on this tapestry - Moses - is seen twice: During the giving of the Law and during the traveling of the people to the promised land. The tapestry describes various events from the history of the people of Israel in the diaspora, from the exit from Egypt to a description of the burning village, which symbolizes the Holocaust, as well as the priest Aaron, facing the seven branch candelabrum - representing the State. In addition King David is seen playing the harp, and behind him the bride - the virgin of Israel."
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  Subject: The Giving of the Law
Leaving Egypt
The Lampstand
At Prayer and Worship

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