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  Artwork: Sixth day of creation, The
  Artist: BURNE-JONES, Sir Edward
HEYDT, Adolf von der
  Date: 1913
  Technique: Stained glass
  Notes: Executed by Adolf von der Heydt in 1913. This 'Sixth day of creation'! window is a recently discovered and unique version of the final stained glass panel, derived from the Burne-Jones's series 'The six days of creation'. The windows were originally made in grisaille and gold by Morris & Co for Middleton Cheney in 1870 and then in colour for St. Editha's Church in Tamworth, Staffordshire in 1874. Subsequently larger versions were made for Manchester College, Oxford in 1895. In this last window of the series, six angelic figures hold a globe, each symbolising one of the previous days of creation. Jenny Morris, William Morris' daughter was the model for the angels. The left globe depicts the fifth day (…fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven…) and the right globe depicts the sixth day, the figures of Adam and Eve (So God created man…). In the foreground a seraph sits in a peony garden strumming a stringed instrument.
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  Subject: Fish and Animals
Man in God's Image

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