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  Artwork: Remember, thou art dust (2)
  Artist: JACKSON, Nancy
  Technique: Charcoal soft pastel
  Notes: Genesis 3:19; Psalms 103:14. Website comment: "Notice the transparent border with squares and diamonds which acts like a rug border around 3/4 of the image, helping to create a flattened space in this picture. The border breaks away and moves to a more interior place in the image in the lower 1/3 left of the picture, creating an ambiguity in that place, as well as on the right at the elbow where it overlaps the arm. The line forming the seat of the throne, which runs nearly from edge to edge of the picture about 1/3 from the bottom, contributes to this flattening also. Having the figure fill the space from top to bottom and nearly from side to side also creates flatness. These are intentional artistic devices typically used to flatten spaces in art. I favor this type of pictorial space and see it as one of many useful tools in moving the artwork toward the spiritual dimension. The figure is contemplative and perhaps sad. The legs are fidgeting (we see two pair of legs as they shift about). Slumped with head bowed, the figure is weighted with heavy thoughts, "Remember, you are dust and to dust you shall return. "Or perhaps, "Dust, remember, thou art splendor!""
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  Subject: 103: Praise the Lord, O My Soul!
Words of Judgment

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