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  Artwork: Remember, thou art dust (1)
  Artist: JACKSON, Nancy
  Technique: Charcoal soft pastel
  Notes: Genesis 3:19; Psalms 103:14. Website comment: "Notice eyes sprinkled around, including on the hand mirror leaning left below centre and in the openings made by the infinity sign. Also see an eye bottom right and a thin slit of an eye (squinting?) outlined in red with white lashes. A transparent border with squares and diamonds acts like a rug border at the bottom and lower left and right edges, angling off on the right in a reverse perspective way causing the image to move to the surface of the picture plane. The black line 1/4 from the bottom contributes to this flattening also. These are intentional artistic devices typically used to flatten spaces in art. I favor this type of pictorial space and see it as one of many useful tools in moving the artwork toward the spiritual dimension."
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  Subject: 103: Praise the Lord, O My Soul!
Words of Judgment

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