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  Artwork: Noah - Nativity
  Artist: JACKSON, Nancy
  Technique: Charcoal soft pastel
  Notes: Website comment: "In the bottom right is a haloed figure holding a staff with a bent cross in his/her left hand, the Messenger. Top right, the crescent moon sits on the full sun, representing a fullness of Time. In the centre right side of the paper is an "X" shape acting as a crib. A red dot can be seen as the Christ child. A gold "crown" sits broadly on top of the "X" or crib symbolizing the royal nature of the child. The golden enthroned figure just left of middle holds a scepter high and this figure bisects the entire scene leaving the part to the right in full light and the part to the left in darkness. On the left in the dark swirls of chaotic stormy clouds and rain, the crescent moon, now smaller, still is present, but the sun is nearly in total shadow. Near the far left side of the picture, just below centre, is a tiny boat, Noah's Ark, afloat in the chaos of the World. Heaven (Eternity) is the right side of the picture and the World (Time) is the left side of the picture."
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  Subject: The Deluge

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