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  Artwork: Kruvim/cherubs: Rose
  Artist: RAANAN, Yoram
  Date: 2002-03
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Artist's website comment: "In this exposition of the winged celestial beings Yoram Raanan paints the Cherubim in shades of rose and pink. They passionately face each other as if they are engulfed in flames of zeal and delight. According to the Kabbalah the hints of rose and pink represent true love, compassion, and warmth. The etymology of the Hebrew word for cherub, &‘keruv&’ is similar to the word &‘karev? to come close. Just as lovers come close to each other vigorously with passion, so too do the Cherubs in the painting come close to each other as intercessors who demonstrate the inner desires of humans to the Gods."
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  Subject: Angels

  Hosts: Yoram Raanan  [IMAGE]