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  Artwork: Kruvim/cherubs: Orange
  Artist: RAANAN, Yoram
  Date: 2002-03
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: 1 Kings 6:26f. Artist's website comment: "In this elucidation of the winged celestial beings Yoram Raanan portrays the Cherubim guarding the entrance to the Holy Temple. The vessels of the Temple, including the candelabrum (the seven-branched menorah of the holy Temple), are painted below their outstretched wings. Swatches of orange are used to portray the Cherubim. According to the Kabbalah Orange represents both Projected and assertive energy, the type of energy that was needed by the Cherubim in protecting the holy vessels of the Temple."
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  Subject: The Construction of the Temple

  Hosts: Yoram Raanan  [IMAGE]