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  Artwork: Akedah
  Artist: RAANAN, Yoram
  Date: 2003
  Technique: Acrylic on linen
  Notes: Artist's website comment: "This mysterious painting depicits the darkness of the pre-dawn early morning in the 'land of Moriah,' (Gen. 22:2), with light shining on a stiiring rendition of the Akedah in the centre. According to Jewish tradition, the Temple was built on the spot at which the Akedah took place (II Chron. 3:1). The Akedah ('binding (of Isaac)'), (Gen. 22:1–19) describes God's command to Abraham to offer Isaac, the son of his old age, as a sacrifice. Obedient to the command, Abraham takes Isaac to the place of sacrifice and binds him (va&‘ya'akod, Gen. 22:9) on the altar. The angel of the Lord then bids Abraham to stay his hand and a ram is offered in Isaac's stead. The Akedah became in Jewish thought the supreme example of self-sacrifice in obedience to God's will and the symbol of Jewish martyrdom throughout the ages."
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  Subject: The Sacrifice of Isaac

  Hosts: Yoram Raanan  [IMAGE]