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MANDEL, Myra: Artworks on the subject
The Lord's Mercyful Invitation

Heaven and earth
In peace you shall be led

  Artwork: In peace you shall be led
  Artist: MANDEL, Myra
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Isaiah 55:12f. Artist's comment: "The painting “In Peace You Shall Be Led” celebrates God's promise to the Children of Israel in the book of Isaiah (chapter 55, verse12) which starts with the words that appear in the upper right hand corner of the painting: "In joy you shall go forth and in peace you shall be led." The prophet speaks of the time of redemption, when God will fulfill his promise to gather in all the exiles from the four corners of the earth and bring them to the Land of Israel. The small inset below the tree shows a view of a mountain range as seen from the sea, much as the immigrants whose boats pulled close to Haifa or Acre port must have seen the Carmel, and refers to the continuation of the above verse, which is also written in the larger box on the left: “The mountains and hills shall burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap.” This metaphor, describing how even the inanimate elements of the land will express happiness at the ingathering of the exiles, conveys to us the feeling of joy that will overcome us when our eyes see the fulfillment of the 2000 year old prophecy. The large tree, growing amidst a field of golden-brown thorns, and the flowering myrtle branch at the bottom refer to what is written in the smaller box on the left, describing how the land which lay desolate while the nation was in exile, will bloom again: “In place of thorns, cypress shall rise, in place of nettles, myrtle shall grow.”"
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  Subject: The Lord's Mercyful Invitation

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