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  Artwork: Spring in Galilee
  Artist: MANDEL, Myra
  Technique: Painting
  Notes: Song of Songs 2:8-13. Artist's comment: "Blue and purple wild anemones dance in the cool breeze, hillsides are golden-green with spring grasses, the valleys are carpeted with wildflowers and melting snow from the Hermon mountains flows down to join the Jordan river. As the sun warms the earth, new life springs forth. Three small landscapes depict the Galilee in three seasons, from right to left : [1] Winter, when the Jordan river is swollen with melted snow flowing down from the Hermon mountains, and the fields and hills are covered with green, new growth. [2] Spring, when the valleys are carpeted with wildflowers, anemones, poppies and irises, swaying in the breeze. [3] Summer, when the bright sun turns the grasses and weeds to golden brown and casts deep shadows under the boughs of the trees. Verses from the Song of Songs by King Solomon describe the beauty of spring spreading over the Land of Israel as a metaphor for the awakening of love between the Jewish people and God:"
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  Subject: Song of Songs

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