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  Artwork: Be delighted in the Lord, and he will give to you the requests of your heart
  Artist: UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'St. Albans Psalter', England, first half of 12th century
  Date: First half of the 12th century
  Technique: Miniature
  Location: University of Aberdeen, Historic Collections
  Notes: From the "St. Albans Psalter", created at St. Abans Abbey essentially by Geoffrey de Gorham (or Gorron), Abbot of St. Albans (1119-46). Psalms 37:4: In the upper part of the initial, Christ sits on the cross bar speaking intimately to the psalmist. The psalmist stands pointing beyond the barrier of the letter and beyond the blue realm of heaven, to a glum woman who holds a book with the word "Delight" written on it. The point of the psalm is to "Be delighted in the lord: and he will give to you the requests of your heart." In that context, the psalmist has his mind fixed firmly on God and the humble woman in her earthly zone could equally represent the meek delighting in peace. "The meek shall inherit the earth: and shall be delighted in the multitude of peace." However, to a monastic reader, the woman, excluded from the male and divine part of the letter, and clasping the word "Delight" to her breast, was a sign of temptation, delight in the flesh rather than the spirit.
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  Subject: 37: Commit Your Way to the Lord

  Hosts: University of Aberdeen, Historic Collections  [IMAGE]