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  Artwork: Come unto me
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Stained glass
  Location: First United Methodist Church, Fargo, North Dakota
  Notes: Comment: "Come Unto Me is an entrance window ... This large window depicts the victorious, triumphant and resurrected Christ reaching out to lovingly embrace all who pass. A holy city, the new Jerusalem, glows as a halo around his head, a sign of God's promise and our hope of eternal life. Jesus stands amid a garden with symbols for each day of Creation. At the centre is the tree of Life flanked by six smaller trees illustrating the pageants of life's cycles. The Lamb of God, a symbol of Christ incarnate, stands near a child watching a kite drift gently toward Christ and the city. the youngster's contemporary clothing hints at the timeless relevance of Christ's message in our lives. Sprouting from the landscape's furrows, an earthly city is set against a brilliant sun, clasped in turn by a lunar crescent. An infinite tapestry of countless stars brightens the evening sky as two geese soar northward, heralding a spirit of renewal with the changing seasons."
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