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  Artwork: Trinity
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Stained glass
  Location: Trinity Lutheran Church, Moorhead, Minnesota
  Notes: Comment: "Trinity is the towering centrepiece of a major renovation at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead, Minnesota. The window measures twenty-two feet high, and fourteen feet at its widest point. Over 120 colors and textures of glass were hand-selected for this project which contains 5,500 individual pieces. Three interlocking circles frame a central cross and represent the members of the Holy Trinity: God the Father (the Creator God), God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. At the very top, defined by three simple lines is a triple profile of the face of God (the Holy Trinity) is the holy city, the new Jerusalem (from revelation 21), golden and ordered. Within the largest orb are six small circles, each detailing one day of creation. In the centre of the Creation circle is another circle, exactly intersected by a wooden cross that supports the entire window. Here ascends the crucified Christ (God the Son), the colors of his skin representing the diversity of the human race and the inclusiveness of the gospel. He is freed from the cross, arms uplifted, eyes held in the sustaining, eternal gaze of his Father. From his nail-pierced hand flows, not blood, but a clear stream of life-giving water that falls into a stream at the bottom where it assumes the shape of a dove (God the Holy Spirit), its wings become the flames of Pentecost. Twelve trees denote discipleship and are bent with the winds of the Spirit. An earthly city, disordered and imperfect, offers a perspective on human discord. A pitcher, basin and towel are reminders of Christ's servanthood and his call for us to follow him."
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