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  Artwork: Joy of Heaven to earth come down
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: ""Joy of Heaven To Earth come Down" is the 77th annual Concordia College Christmas Concert. In contrast to a world filled with strife and uncertainty, this spirited service of celebration invites you to experience the power of the Christmas story told through exuberant vocal arrangements, original orchestrations and timeless narrative. Our towering mural depicts heaven and earth, at once united yet separated by a pulsing lifeline. God's creative hand circumscribes earth's orb with an arching rainbow of promise, while heralding angels bring the Good News of Christ's birth to all people of faith. Illuminated by a central, radiating star, the dove of the Holy Spirit descends to earth against a background of Revelation's golden, holy city. As the morning sun rises, its crowning rays serve to remind us that Jesus is truly the King of Kings. Like windows of an Advent calendar, several vignettes offer glimpses of scenes that transcend time and space: Eden's tempting serpent; the Greek alpha and omega (beginning and end); the Messianic rose; Bethlehem's dark stable with traditional barnyard menagerie; shepherds protecting their flock; and the sojourning magi. A ladder symbolizing ascent of the human condition reaches up as a bridge toward heaven. It is our profound prayer that this concert will bring a hopeful vision of the world in which pain and suffering fade, making way for all to join in resounding affirmation and praise. During this brief respite of peace and joy, may the relevance of Christ's miraculous incarnation become apparent to each of us-to equip and affirm us for daily lives of faithful service at Christmas and through every season."
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  Subject: The New Jerusalem
In the Fields of the Shepherds
The Star and the Journey
The Temptation and the Fall
The Beginning, the Light
The Holy Spirit in Various Compositions
The Annunciation as Secondary Scene

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