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  Artwork: In the shadow of your wings
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "In the Shadow of Your Wings reflects the loving God, who created, guides and keeps us as an eagle protects its young. This mural depicts God's hand fashioning all of Creation -- the separation of light from darkness, the dome of the sky from the waters, the dry land from the sea. Sun, moon and stars are placed to rule over day and night. The spinning globe casts elements of life onto the arc of earth's horizon as the world is populated with every living creature -- fish of the sea, birds of the air, animals of every description and, finally, humankind created in God's own image. In the midst of Creation is a garden wherein grows the Tree of Life, firmly rooted and bearing luscious fruit. Holding a traditional resurrection banner, the Christ child stands in the light cast by the nativity star. Nearby, shepherds tending their flock turn to see the heralding angel while Magi hasten from afar to the lowly Bethlehem manger. A single rose acknowledges Mary as the mother of Jesus and also symbolizes the blood of Christ and divine love. Ordinarily, shadows are seen as places of darkness -- gray and lifeless. But the Psalms often refer to them as comforting and sheltering, bathed in brilliance and light. And so In the Shadow of Your Wings, we discover their warmth, purity and everlasting promise."
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