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  Artwork: Emmanuel: God with us
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "The 1989 Concordia Christmas Concert Emmanuel: God With Us, focuses on God's presence in our lives. From God the Eternal Being and Jesus' birth at Christmas to God's comforting presence with us throughout the journey of our lives, the concert expresses musical and visual proclamations of hope, trust and joy. The richness of God's creation -- in heaven and on earth -- provides the visual setting for the concert. Designed to reflect the colors and brilliance of stained glass, the mural depicts the glory and perfection of God's earth above, as well as the striving hopes of humanity below. Six circles at the top of the design portray the six days of creation. Beginning with the separation of light from darkness and order from chaos, they proceed to creation of the fruitful earth, the stars and planets, all living creatures and, finally, humanity itself. Below, the twelve interlocking orbs -- a subtle reminder of our discipleship -- encircle God's earthly creation. The tree of life (bearing twelve fruits) grows from the globe, ringed by joyful frolicking children. Angels speak of God's promise, focused on the nativity. Mortal cities, helter-skelter in their blemishes and faults, only highlight the perfection of the heavenly city above."
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  Subject: Fish and Animals
Man in God's Image
The River of Life and the Tree of Life
The Beginning, the Light
Division of the Water
Dry Land, and Vegetation
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

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