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  Artwork: Sent forth by God's blessing
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Date: 1991
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "This mural was part of Concordia College's Centennial Christmas Concert. Sent Forth By God's Blessing is both the theme for this mural and for the entire Centennial year. Intricate stained-glass patterns trace the cycle of life and explore metaphors for the passage of time -- night and day, young and old, the seasons, the traditional and the new. At the centre of it all is the dove, long a symbol of the Holy Spirit at work among us. Emerging from the Gothic archway above Mary and the Christ Child, it energizes various vignettes of faith -- the sower from Jesus' parable, the Tree of Life, the wise men's journey, a shepherd responding to the angelic herald, peoples of all nations bearing banners to proclaim their diversity and their unity, the poor and the hungry, Christ with the children, the Alpha and Omega, and the Ascension from an earthly cross. Standing in front of the New Jerusalem, the resurrected Christ holds a scroll on which is inscribed Concordia's motto, "Soli Deo Gloria" -- To God Alone the Glory."
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  Subject: The New Jerusalem
The River of Life and the Tree of Life
Jesus and the Children
In the Fields of the Shepherds
The Star and the Journey
The Sower
Christ in Various Compositions
The Holy Spirit in Various Compositions
Virgin and Child in Various Compositions
The Annunciation as Secondary Scene

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