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  Artwork: Now the silence, now the feast
  Artist: HETLAND, David J.
  Date: 1996
  Technique: Mural
  Notes: Comment: "Elements of both reflection and rejoicing are embodied in our theme -- a timeless journey of faith leading to the promise of eternal peace. Three interlocking rings, a traditional symbol for the Holy Trinity, form the central framework of our setting. In the style of colorful stained glass, the hand of God extends down from the heavens to present the Christ child, a gift of grace warmly and gently received by human hands uplifted. Old Testament prophecy is fulfilled by branches growing out of Jesse's roots. Shepherds and Magi are guided through a dry and weary land to Bethlehem by the Nativity star where ox and ass maintain their vigil near the stable. Jesus, the alpha and omega, eventually embarks upon a life of teaching and preaching in the company of his disciples, all of whom are represented within the twelve Trinity-topped niches. Each holds a symbol traditionally associated with his life and ministry. Christ's ultimate passion is depicted by the Agnus Dei, lamb of God, whose pierced breast fills a chalice that overflows into rivers of living water. God the Holy Spirit in the form of a flame-like dove illuminates the path for a passing pilgrimage of believers. Between each archway are other signs of light and life: a globe, the sun and moon, a royal crown, a crown of thorns, and a scattering of stars and crosses. Here and now, we are called to active discipleship by a loving Lord -- to join the procession of saints who will celebrate the Eternal Feast with their triumphant King."
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  Subject: Nativity
Jesus Teaching and Preaching
In the Fields of the Shepherds
The Star and the Journey
The Branch from Jesse, the Kingdom of Peace
Various Subjects Connected to the Trinity
The Lamb of God in Various Compositions
The Annunciation as Secondary Scene

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